Published On March 2, 2020

Lessons From Mom & Dad…

Working with your family can be challenging … everyone thinks they know best. Arguments ensue and the family bickers. But sometimes, the stars align, so that not only is everyone happy, but you also walk away with a valuable life lesson.

Let me share my story.

Over ten years ago, I moved from Chicago (where I was born and raised) to Kenosha to start my family.  I quickly learned to LOVE all of the amenities that Kenosha offered my family and I enjoyed sharing pictures, stories and adventures with my parents, who still lived in Chicago.

After experiencing Kenosha vicariously through me for years, my parents began to realize that Kenosha would be a perfect place for them to downsize and retire to. They were drawn everything Kenosha is known for:

  • Quiet, friendly neighborhoods
  • Amazing accessibility to Lake Michigan
  • A thriving downtown area
  • A variety of unique businesses
  • Numerous events and festivals

All of the same things that I fell in love with when I first moved here.

Having only ever owned the house I grew up in Chicago, my parents knew they would have a challenge ahead of them to determine what their new dream home would look like. They, of course, turned to their favorite Cove Realtor, their daughter.

Helping people find their dream home is “icing on the cake” for any realtor but being able to help my family, that was going to be something special. I admit I wasn’t sure what to expect, having never worked with family before, but my experience and extensive knowledge of Kenosha’s homes, neighborhoods and amenities soon became the foundation of this little adventure.

With so many new options available to them, my parents wanted to see it all. I patiently showed the countless homes/condo and more, pulling on my knowledge of their likes and dislikes and closely listening to their feedback.  I’m happy to say my parents are now enjoying Kenosha living, in a home that fits their needs perfectly.

What was amazing about this experience is the impact it had and continues to have on my relationships with my clients.  I learned so much in this because I realized I treated this sale differently, because they were family.  Now, I try to treat each and every client like they are a member of my family. I listen closely to their wants and needs and share with them every bit of my expertise to make sure they are happy with their home selling or buying process. I take as much pride in helping each client, as I did in helping my mom and dad. I want them all to be happy in their home for years to come.

If you are ready to sell your house or find your dream home, let me welcome you into my Cove Realty family today.

Melissa Treichel

  • cell 262.748.8500
  • office 262.658.8030 
Melissa was born in Chicago and grew up on the city’s northwest side. When it was time to choose a home to start a family, her search brought her to Kenosha. Melissa and her husband Luke have lived in Kenosha for a little over 10 years now raising their family, a son and two daughters. In that time, they have fallen in love with the area. She is active in the Kenosha community thorough Church, her kids school and their extracurriculars. Her knowledge of the Kenosha area will help anyone at any stage in life find the right home. Whether your just starting your journey, or ready to upgrade or downsize she can help. Melissa has over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing as well as a long background in customer service as well as years of experience as an administrative assistant. Helping people in every way is her true calling. When she is not buying or selling homes, she works at her kids school, she enjoys spending time watching them play sports and dance all over the Kenosha area.


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