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Our Rates: 

One of the main reasons we have helped thousands of sellers since 2000 is because of our flexible commission rates. We own Cove Realty. We do not answer to a national franchise/corporation. We do not participate in National advertising.  We do not waste your money on billboards and other unnecessary promotions to make us look impressive in the community and do so at your expense.  We have the ability to work with you on being flexible and open-minded on the commission you will pay. We would much rather make less money per deal and do more deals than gouge our sellers with expensive rates.  We want you to feel good about your decision to save money and refer you to your family, friends and co-workers.  That has been our business model since day one.

Our average seller saved over $2,300 last year.  You will save money by using Cove Realty. Period. 

It’s your equity.  It’s your money.  Do not spend more than you need to in order to sell your home.

And one more thing.  Admittedly, many of our past customers first sought us out because of our flexible and discounted commission rates. Ultimately, people are most impressed with our attention to detail, continuous follow-up and how our years of experience will work for your benefit. There is nothing you will gain by using a higher-priced firm other than a sense of frustration as to why you spent more money for the same, if not reduced, quality of service and communication.

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