Published On February 10, 2023


Show Your 🏠 Some ❤️


Are you thinking about putting your house up for sale this season? Keeping your home in good condition during the winter can be critical to selling your home in 2023.

According to the Fannie Mae National Housing Survey, 54 percent of consumers still believe that, despite the fluctuating market conditions, now is still a good time to sell. 

No matter what time of the year, repairs to your home can help you stay ahead of the competition. “Buyer budgets are stretched to the max, and sellers who understand this and help buyers get a move-in-ready home will have an edge,” reports

With spring just around the corner, February is one of the most important months for getting your house ready for warmer weather. Despite the promise of milder days and longer nights, this month can also bring some of the harshest winter weather we experience all year. Now is the perfect time to get ahead and ensure your home projects are finished before spring officially arrives. 

Home maintenance tasks during the winter can often be daunting, but not with our handy checklist! You’ll have all the information you need to make sure your home runs smoothly, from quick fixes like cleaning out your dryer vent and checking your smoke detectors to making sure your HVAC is working right. 

Get ahead of potential problems and find peace of mind – get started on these critical projects that will keep your home at its best this February!

Here are seven simple ways to show your house some love this month.

  1. Spiff up the paint: Refresh the inside paint on the doors, trim, cabinets, and walls.
  2. Give the laundry room a redo: Clean and reorganize your laundry room to make it more spacious and efficient. Scrape dried-on laundry detergent from ridges in your washer, replace damaged sorting bins, discard laundry products you never use, and keep the rest out of reach of children.
  3. Clean out dryer vents: Clean the duct from the dryer’s back to the outdoor vents. If you don’t, lint and other debris may reduce the effectiveness of your dryer, raise your energy costs, and even start fires. Additionally, check to see if any birds or other animals have settled in your cozy vent.
  4. Clean refrigerator coils: Clean the condenser coils on the rear or bottom of your refrigerator to keep it running efficiently and save electricity.
  5. Clean and maintain your sump pump: Clean your sump pump pit and test the pump to prepare for the increase in groundwater caused by spring rains.
  6. Give your mattress some love: Vacuum the box springs and the top and bottom of the bed. Then, flip or rotate the mattress.
  7. Look for leaks: Inspect your roof for missing shingles and damaged vent boots, and inspect your foundation for cracks that can cause significant issues when the spring rains come.

When it comes to home maintenance, sometimes it can be hard to decide when to rely on your abilities and when to call in a professional. However, you can save yourself from potentially hefty repair bills by contacting your local professional for projects out of your comfort zone.

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