Published On May 13, 2021

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Benefits of a Low Commission Rate

Right now, the average real estate commission in the state of Wisconsin is about 6%. This is higher than the United State’s national average, and believe it or not; there is no reason to pay a 6% commission rate to sell or buy your home. 

Low commission real estate agents want to help you with your realty needs at a much lower cost than traditional realtors. These discount real estate brokers, like Cove Realty, are crucial to buying or selling your home for the best possible deal.

It can be challenging to find a realtor you trust to help you with the process of buying or selling your home. Considering all your options is a great idea, but finding a low commission rate realtor may be essential.

What Are Low Commission Rate Realtors?

Low commission rate realtors are agents who will assist you in selling or buying a home for less than the standard commission rate in your area. Many people choose to work with low commission rate realtors instead of traditional realtors because they realize how much money they can save. 

For example, if you were to sell a $200,000 home, the average realtor’s 6% commission would cost you $12,000 in listing fees. Yet, if you were to hire a low commission real estate agent at Cove Realty, with a commission rate of only 4.5%, you would pay $9,000. This is for a savings of $3,000 in fees.

Cove Commission Chart


Some people hesitate to hire discount brokers for several reasons, but the most common misconception is about these agents’ qualifications. Often, such as with Cove Realty, traditional realtors and low commission rate realtors offer the same services and have the same certifications. Low commission real estate agents are licensed just the same.

Lots of Savings

When you are juggling different possible real estate agents to assist you in selling or buying a home, you may not add “commission rate” to your pros and cons list. The difference of one or two percent commission probably doesn’t sound like a huge difference. The truth is, if you choose a high commission rate realtor (or even an average commission rate realtor), you could be throwing away money. Money that you could save for a vacation, a new computer or phone, or anything else you like spending your money on. 

It’s your equity. It’s your money. Do not spend more than you need to. 

As you now know from the example above, selling or buying with a low commission rate realtor will save you thousands of dollars. Cove Realty wants to work with you while being open-minded and flexible about the commission you pay. They would rather make less money on deals while doing more than subject their buyers and sellers to unfair and expensive rates. 

On average, people who sold their homes with Cove Realty last year saved more than $2,300. Their company also offers lower commission rates if you choose to use Cove Realty when buying your new home.

Pay for What You Get

Cove Realty’s low commission rate realtors provide you with the same outstanding services you would expect with lower commissions AND with a long-standing history in the Kenosha County area.

You don’t want to pay for something you’re not getting. Nobody does. Cove Realty is upfront about what you will get if you choose them. Honesty, integrity, and devotion are just some of their core values reflected in their services. 

Latest Reality Technology 

The Multiple Listing Service, also known as the MLS, is a tool that real estate companies and agents have used for a long time.

During the 19th century, real estate brokers would frequently gather together to discuss properties they were trying to sell. If another broker could help them sell a property, they would compensate them for their cooperation. This is how the MLS was born.

The MLS these days is an extensive database only real estate agents have access to that centralizes listings and property information in one general area.

Having your home listed on this service is a great benefit. It allows your home to have more exposure to potential buyers and increases your chances of a quick sale. MLS is just one of the great reasons to use a realtor versus attempting a “sale by owner.”

Likewise, if you are looking to buy a home, Cove Reality’s low commission rate realtors will use this service to find you listings that meet your specific needs such as budget, neighborhood, size, etc. 

Looking for the Best Low Commission Rate Realtors? 

If you plan to buy or sell your house soon, you will want to make sure you find the best listing agent for the job. After reading the reasons above, you might have decided a low commission rate real estate agent is right for you. 

Contact us today, and start a conversation with Kenosha county’s best realtors. Cove Reality’s commission rates are the lowest in the area, and they take pride in treating clients like family.


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