Published On May 26, 2022


Realtor Spotlight Andrew Callahan

Sometimes there is no beating experience, and that is something that Cove Realty’s Andrew (Andy) Callahan has in spades.

“Experience and passion for putting the best interest of each client at the top of the list can’t be valued enough,” shares Callahan. “I have worked in this business for over 20+ years, and I have seen everything and worked with everyone.”

Callahan started Cove Realty over 20 years ago after his passion for rental properties turned into a full-time career opportunity. “Originally, I got my Real Estate broker license to better help locate rental properties to purchase. That quickly springboarded into starting Cove Realty,” he reminisced. “Ultimately, the flexibility, working with different people, and the feeling of helping someone find their dream home are the BEST rewards of this business. They have kept me involved and passionate about the profession.”

Experience aside, Callahan’s honesty and zest for helping others make him a top-notch real estate agent. He puts his client’s best interest first, right down to treating each sale or purchase like it is his own home. ​​”Honesty and a hard-working mentality are qualities that I have upheld and focused on over my career. Through my work with past clients and other realtors, I think you can see that.” His integrity and long-standing history in the community and the industry put Callahan steps ahead of any competition. “I work hard to give all my attention and dedication to each of my clients.”

Callahan’s personalized touch helps to assure his clients that he is handling everything from start to finish and that they can contact him at any point directly. “In this ever-moving fast-paced life, sometimes I feel this personal touch gets missed by others.”

Callahan’s established real estate career, involvement in various organizations, and support of local businesses make him a well-known figure in the area. That “big small town” feel where “everyone knows your name” is something that he loves about the Kenosha area, along with the county’s beautiful lakefront.

That love and appreciation for Lake Michigan extends to other pursuits in nature, from wandering up north around Eagle River, WI, to fishing along the beach in South Carolina with his family.

Andy Callahan is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent in the Kenosha area. Whether you’re buying or selling, his dedication and personalized approach can help you achieve your goals in the competitive real estate market.

Contact Andy today at 262-620-0318 or [email protected] to learn more!


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