Published On April 16, 2020

It’s a Seller’s Market this Spring!

As the days get longer and spring flowers begin to bloom, you may be considering putting your home on the market. Perhaps you dream about living closer to Downtown Kenosha and the beautiful lakefront or you think about moving closer to Lake Andrea and the Recplex. Or are you dreaming about downsizing, an updated kitchen or bigger yard? Have you considered listing your home? After a record setting winter, this spring is the perfect time to put your home on the market! 

Why listing in spring is a bonus!

  • Convenience. Even with the current state of events, spring listings offer potential buyers both warmer weather for viewings (who wants to trudge through snow or clean up salt tracks) and the possibility of closing and moving during warmer temperatures. It also offers more convenience for families who want to finalize and move before the next school year begins or switch school districts.
  • Daylight savings! Longer days mean more sunlight and more time for buyers to view homes. Longer days also bring warmer weather, greener grass and beautiful spring flowers that appeal to potential buyers. A little sunlight, a warm day and some strategically placed flowers and BOOM – instant curb appeal.
  1. Show me (well, you) the money. As spring brings out more potential buyers, it can lead to more opportunities for bidding wars and, ultimately, a higher sale price for you. Especially when there is a limited inventory of homes for sales like there currently is in Kenosha County.
  2. You are moving too. If you are listing your home for sale, it means you are moving too. The faster you can sell your home, the faster you can move into your new place. The warmer weather and longer days will also be a blessing to you during your move. 

Preparing your home to sell in the springtime can be a bonus also. The warmer weather and longer days can help you prep your home to “put its best foot forward.”

A few simple hints on preparing your home to sell:

  1. Landscaping. Now is the time to make sure your home exterior looks immaculate. Trimming a few bushes, cleaning up the yard, adding some mulch and planting some flowers can go a long way with your overall curb appeal. 
  2. Clean the outside AND the inside of your home. Declutter your home and make it sparkle with some DEEP spring cleaning, inside and out. Pack up the items you don’t need on a daily basis and put them into storage. Clean windows, add an inviting new doormat, organize your closets, put out some fresh flowers or decorations – all of these details help make a great impression.
  3. Repairs and upkeep. Make sure all of the simple repairs and updates are completed, whether replacing a loose or broken board on the porch to a fresh coat of paint on walls. Imagine your home from a buyers point of view and determine which cosmetic touch ups can improve the appearance or let the team at Cove consult you on our recommended improvements.  

This spring is a great time for sellers in the Kenosha area. According to Wisconsin Real Estate Magazine, Wisconsin set a new winter home sales record with over 14,000 units sold from December through February.  There continues to be a serious lack of homes in the marketplace for single family homes. This lack of inventory for potential buyers means homes are selling FAST and at higher prices. Now is a golden opportunity for individuals and families who want to list their homes this spring.

Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, Southeast Wisconsin is still boasting robust real estate sales. Mortgage rates continue to be at historic lows, and as the pandemic begins to recede in the near future, the real estate market is positioned to heat up dramatically.

This is also the time to make sure you are listing your home with the BEST real estate company

Cove Realty ALWAYS prioritizes our clients goals and objectives, after all your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and we take that very seriously. We do everything within our power to make you feel as if you are our most important client we are working with and our number one priority.  Whether you are buying a $50,000 starter home or selling a $10,000,000 commercial building we treat you as if our existence depends on it. After all, in a way, it does…

We take tremendous pride in knowing that we treat our customers like we would our own family and friends.  We want you to feel as though you had the best experience you’ve ever had when buying or selling a home. We live for that. That’s why we do what we do.

Contact Cove Realty’s Mike Zacker today, at 262.308.3663, to list your home.


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