Published On January 17, 2023


Realtor Spotlight Michael Zacker

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”Zig Ziglar.

With that famous quote, you have essentially teed up your introduction to Cove Realty’s Broker, Michael Zacker.

“I will go the extra mile to make someone’s life better,” shares Zacker. “I help people connect, whether for something on their house, something to benefit their business, or if it helps our community. I love this area and constantly try to improve it for everyone who calls it home.” 

A Realtor since 2003, Zacker’s dedication to the area’s families is illustrated by the company culture he cultivates at Cove Realty. “We strive to build long-standing relationships with our clients, allowing us to help them, their friends, and their families for years to come. We pride ourselves on that, which is the main driving force behind our success and the following we have achieved.”

Admitting he sometimes views himself as an educator or advisor MORE than a real estate sales person, Zacker places client happiness at the top of his priority list. “Our seller’s or buyer’s satisfaction will always come before anything else. There is no pressure here, and our clients leave as friends.” Having sold over $10 million and served 32 area families in 2022 is a testament to his clients’ satisfaction.

Taking over the reins of Cove in 2009, Zacker’s relentless drive and passion for helping others throughout Kenosha County is just ONE reason Cove is known as Kenosha’s Hometown Real Estate company. “We live here. Our Realtors grew up, went to school, raised their families, and have combined hundreds of years of relationships and contacts in the area. We know the neighborhoods, the schools, the entertainment areas, parks, restaurants, and activities,” he shares. “We are VERY involved in the community and continue to provide service after the sale, from recommending contractors to advising where to have your car repaired.”

 Zacker attributes his and Cove’s success to their fully customized marketing packaging option AND their hometown advantage. “We also can offer flexible commission packages and make all decisions here in-house as a privately held company, not through the slow channels of a national franchise,” he shares. “Everyone uses the MLS,, Trulia, Zillow … what makes us different is that Kenosha is our home, and we have decades of experience here, making connections throughout the area.”

When Zacker is not busy helping Cove’s clients, you can find him enjoying time with friends, “anything to do with cars – collecting, restoring, buying and selling,” and partaking in nature while golfing, fishing, or pheasant hunting. His truest treasure is spending time with his daughter, Meghan, who lives in Arizona.

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