Published On March 15, 2021

Sell Your Home with the Best

Whether you have a home near Downtown Kenosha or farther north near UW-Parkside, now is a perfect to sell. Although you might be tempted to list your home yourself, seller beware because studies show homes sold without realtors often sell for tens of thousands less.

In the long run, your goal should be to find Kenosha’s best realtors who offer the lowest commission rates. But what do you look for in a good real estate agent?

We’re here to answer your questions. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to find the best realty company to help you sell your house.

Commitment to Your Needs

First and foremost, Kenosha’s best realtors will put your needs above all else. If you’re looking to get top dollar for your home, they won’t push you into accepting a low offer to make a quick sale. However, they will be honest with you about what your home is worth and what they think you can get for it. 

The right realtors will also look out for your budget. For example, don’t pay 6% or more to sell your home. You can find a competent real estate agent, like the Cove Realty team, who can help you pay less. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell your house as quickly and inexpensively as possible, they won’t push you into expensive repairs and updates. Yes, those things can help you sell your house for more money, but you may not have the luxury of time.

Positive Client Reviews and Testimonials

When searching for realtors who offer the lowest commission rates, you may wonder about their credibility. To find Kenosha’s best realtors, do a little online research. Use Google to search for “realty company near me.” Look for companies with a high approval rating, such as Cove’s 4.8 star rating.

Then, get on the realty companies’ websites and search for client reviews. Find out what other homeowners have to say about the real estate agent’s services.

Were they helpful, pleasant, and attentive? Did they help the homeowner get their house sold quickly?

For more information, check out testimonials from our home sellers


Next, look for a local realty company that has plenty of availability. The realtor you choose should make selling your house a top priority. If they have a second job or too many other clients, you might fall on the backburner.

This can be problematic for several reasons. They may not answer your calls or get back to you for days. This could potentially lead to missing out on viable offers on your home. 

Instead, choose a realtor who outlines a clear method of communication. While you shouldn’t be calling them late at night, you shouldn’t accept an agent who’s too busy for you, either. 

Communication Skills

Assessing communication skills is essential for finding the best realtors. The realtor you hire must be able to communicate with you clearly and frequently. This is especially important when you have an offer on the line and are negotiating with the prospective buyer. 

There can’t be any misunderstanding between you and your realtor or your realtor and the buyer. This could significantly interrupt the selling process, lead to accepting unfavorable terms, or cost you the sale. 

Marketing Skills

In any line of sales, marketing is the key to generating more leads. Kenosha’s best realtors at Cove Realty are skilled marketers with valuable connections. These connections include other real estate agents who have buyers looking for homes. 

However, the ideal realtor will also have access to online listing services. They’ll know how to market your home based on the target buyer. For example, this could mean using newspaper listings, social media listings, etc.

In real estate, one of the most effective marketing techniques is not advertising, it’s referrals. These referrals are gained through the realtor’s contacts, such as other real estate agents, previous buyers/sellers, contractors, and other business affiliates. 

Negotiation Skills

Another factor to consider when searching for the best realty company is their ability to negotiate with potential buyers. Unless the buyer is incredibly motivated, most will come in with a low offer below your asking price. 

This can be difficult to navigate, as you don’t want to lose the sale but you don’t want to sell your house for too little, either. A competent realtor will know how to work with buyers and negotiate a better deal for you. They have years of real estate negotiating experience to make sure you walk away happy.

This includes deciding who pays for realtor fees. As noted earlier, don’t pay 6% to sell your home. Most buyers will try to get the seller to pay for both realtors. 

Affordable Rates

Before hiring a realtor, make sure you’re working with a realty company with low commission rates. Some realtors choose to charge much higher than the state average or they add on extra fees.

Cove Realty has the lowest commission rates in the area. We are proud to offer members of the community quality realty services without taking advantage of their budget. 

When considering hiring a real estate agent 1-2% probably doesn’t sound like a large difference but at the closing table it impacts how large your final sale check is. Here’s a handy chart to give you a better idea what you’ll save when you use a Cove realtor versus a larger brokerage.

Cove Commission Chart

Local Experience

Kenosha’s best realtors are the ones who are familiar with the city. The more intimately a realty company is with the area, the more knowledge and experience they have in the local real estate market. 

Cove Realty has a long history throughout Kenosha County. We know the neighborhoods and school districts well. We’ve been around to witness the changes that have occurred over the years. Our team of realtors live, work and breath all that makes Kenosha great.

Just as importantly, all of our realtors maintain up-to-date knowledge of the current housing market. This includes new schools, crime rates, developing neighborhoods, and anything else that will affect property values. 

Looking for Kenosha’s Best Realtors?

If you’re planning on selling your house soon, take your time to find the best realty company to help you. 

We can provide everything you need. Contact us today to get in touch with one of Kenosha’s best realtors. Cove realty has the lowest commission rates in the area and is proud to have a long-standing history in this city. 


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